Get Down Yoga believes that teaching Yoga and mindfulness to our children is investing in their futures. It’s providing tools for increasing focus, physical fitness, and compassion. It’s teaching children how to cope with anxiety, sleep issues, and emotions. It’s empowering them to connect with their inner selves, while relating to others around them. For these reasons, and so many more, Yoga in our schools and homes is pivotal in supporting our youngest citizens. Imagine a world where all children GET DOWN to grow up in peace.


Get Down Yoga provides Yoga education to children and families. This is most widely achieved through our Get Down in Schools program, which involves equipping teachers with a detailed, 34-week curriculum that integrates Yoga, mindfulness, and fun into the school day.


Developed, with love, by a 13-year public school teacher and children’s Yoga instructor, Get Down Yoga strives to blend reading, writing, and relaxation. Creator and CEO, Megan Quackenbush, has taught Yoga in the elementary school classroom, as well as in before/after school programs, for many years. Throughout her career in public schools, Quackenbush experienced extensive changes in academic standards, increased pressures around high stakes testing (for both students and teachers), and a generally negative public discourse toward the education system. One day, a conversation with a friend sparked the challenge, “What can you do to improve things in education?” An initially overwhelming, and seemingly impossible question soon developed into a series of serendipitous opportunities. Get Down Yoga was born, and it is making a difference in the lives of children everywhere, one OM at a time.


Megan Quackenbush, CEO

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